Calling all Tourism Champions: June 10-16, 2013 is Tourism Week in Canada

Tourism Week in Canada is a grassroots initiative that brings attention to the economic opportunity available to Canada through travel and tourism activity and the public policy challenges preventing the sector from capitalizing on those opportunities.

Tourism Week in Canada aligns tourism organizations, businesses and other partners from across the country around a common vision: A tourism sector that plays a more meaningful role in growing the Canadian economy.

Objectives of Tourism Week

  • To convey that public policy challenges are not only inhibiting growth within the travel and tourism sector itself, but squandering one of the great Canadian economic opportunities
  • To convey that smarter public policy would not just stimulate travel, but drive jobs and investment in the Canadian economy.

Let’s Issue a Call to Action This Tourism Week

Tourism Week is not just about showcasing the economic impact and social benefits of Canada’s tourism sector, but about issuing a call to action to decision-makers from across the country.

This Tourism Week, communicate with decision-makers in your community to let them know about how public policy impacts your business.

Stage an event, hold a meeting, make some phone calls, send emails or tweets, or use the power of local media to let them know what issues matter to you.

Why TIAC Needs You

The political landscape in Ottawa is a competitive one, with countless other special interest groups vying for the government’s attention.  As the tourism industry’s front line representatives, you give a face to the issues and show first-hand how tourism matters impact your community.

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