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Fewer Americans, more Europeans: Toronto’s 2010 tourism numbers

Monday, June 6, 2011, by Tristin Hopper, National Post

Between a thickening border, high gas prices and an unfavourable exchange rate, the flow of drive-in American tourists into Canada has been steadily dropping since 2000. On the other side of the border, American hoteliers and tourist attractions have been similarly lacking for Canadian visitors. “The US Travel Association like to refer to the last 10 years as ‘the lost decade,’” says David Goldstein, CEO of the Tourism Industry Association of Canada.

“Canada is becoming a fly-to nation, rather than a drive-to nation,” says Mr. Goldstein. But border and visa issues, and Pearson Airport’s high landing fees remain obstacles, says Mr. Goldstein.

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Conservatives must act on federal tourism strategy: industry group

Mon, May 16, 2011, by BJ Siekierski, iPolitics.ca

The most influential Canadian tourism lobby group welcomed a Conservative campaign platform promise to implement a federal tourism strategy, but as the number of foreign visitors continues to decline the group hopes the wait won’t be long.

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Tourism falters as loonie soars

Tuesday, April 06, 2010, Jill Mahoney, Globe and Mail

With the dollar hitting parity Tuesday, experts fear there are now even fewer reasons for cost-conscious foreign travellers to vacation in Canada. “That’s of obvious concern to our industry,” said David Goldstein, president and CEO of the Tourism Industry Association of Canada. “It’s a very difficult and competitive landscape out there.” Mr. Goldstein said his association is working with various levels of government to try to fix structural issues it believes are eroding Canada’s competitiveness as a destination, such as high airport fees and a lack of investment in high-speed rail.

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Airlines keep eagle eye on rising fuel prices

Thursday, Feb. 03, 2011, by Brent Jang, Globe and Mail

David Goldstein, Chief Executive Officer at the Tourism Industry Association of Canada, said improvements to travellers’ airport experiences should help maintain passenger traffic. He expects changes announced Thursday by Ottawa to streamline airport screening will reduce the frustrations of lengthy lineups and scale back the hassles for business and leisure travellers.

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U.S. airline hopes cheap Florida fares will tempt Canadians

Friday, December 10, 2010, Josh Rubin, Toronto Star

While the American discount fares are cheaper than what Canadian airlines offer, the real killer is the cost of flying out of airports in this country, says David Goldstein, president of the Tourism Industry Association of Canada. Goldstein says Canadian airports are among the most expensive in the world.

“We have what I call a club sandwich of fees here. We have landing fees, we have federal and provincial taxes. We have a fuel surcharge. We have a security levy that’s the most expensive in the G20. It’s hard to be competitive with that kind of cost structure,’’ said Goldstein.

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Canada needs to overhaul tourism industry: Coalition

Thursday, October 28, 2010, Sharon Singleton, Toronto Sun

Canada is losing out on tourist dollars to its neighbour south of the border because of high taxes, fees and security costs, according to a new report from the country's main tourism bodies. The National Travel and Tourism Coalition paper calls on the government to take action to help Canada regain its top 10 ranking in world tourism destinations. Canada has dropped from 8th place in 2002 to 15th last year, the coalition said. "The scope and scale of the challenges facing Canada's travel and tourism industry require major policy reforms," the report said. "Piecemeal, ad hoc or incremental reforms will do little to arrest Canada's decline in the global rankings for international visitation."

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Alberta tourism sector feels wrongly targeted in anti-oil sands ads

Calgary Herald, August 23, 2010

New ads that call Alberta's oilsands an environmental disaster wrongly target the province's tourism sector, says that industry's national lobby group.

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B.C. ready to welcome more Chinese tourists

Canoe.ca Travel, August 19, 2010

“Hopefully there will be thousands [of tourists] by the time we get to the Christmas break and thousands more in the spring,” Goldstein said. “We know it’s going to be a great stimulating effect. We have vibrant, cosmopolitan, safe cities where there’s already a great Chinese community so they get a little taste of home.”

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Canada, China ink trade deals

David Akin, Toronto Sun, June 24, 2010

Chinese President Hu Jintao wrapped up a day-long state visit to the nation’s capital Thursday by inking new trade deals that will let Chinese tourists come to Canada and see Canadian beef in China.“This is a great day for tourism in Canada, and a great day for travellers from China,” said David Goldstein, president of the Tourism Industry Association of Canada.

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Vacationing in Canada

Radio interview with Steve Madely, Madely in the Morning, CFRA (Ottawa), Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Steve Madely is joined by David Goldstein, President and Chief Executive Office, Tourism Industry Association of Canada.

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China Declares Canada an Approved Destination

Radio interview with Greg Hebert, Business @ Night, CFRA (Ottawa), Friday, June 25, 2010

Radio host Greg Hebert chats with David Goldstein, President and CEO of the Tourism Industry Association of Canada about China's declaration that Canada is an approved tourism destination and what it will mean for Canada

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Destination North (Television Interview)

Television Interview with Andrea Mandel-Campbell and Rudyard Griffiths, SqueezePlay, (Broadcast News Network), Thursday, June 17, 2010

More and more Canadians are traveling abroad, fueling a growing travel deficit. That deficit's being exacerbated by Canada's declining status as a global travel destination. Why is the Great White North getting the cold shoulder? David Goldstein, President and CEO, Tourism Industry Association of Canada, looks at the trend.

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Falling International Tourism Numbers for Canada

Radio interview with Steve Madely, Madely in the Morning, CFRA (Ottawa), Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Radio host Steve Madely chats with David Goldstein, President and CEO of the Tourism Industry Association of Canada about increasing international visitation.

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David Goldstein on /A\ Morning Ottawa

Television Interview with Lianne Laing, /A\ Morning(Ottawa), Wednesday, June 9, 2010

/A\ Morning's Lianne Laing talks tourism with David Goldstein, President & CEO of the Tourism Assoc. of Canada, as we head into the busy summer season.

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Canada needs new sales job

Winnipeg Free Press, May 12, 2010

Canada is falling behind in the competition to exploit one of the world's fastest growing industries -- tourism. The sector was worth US$1.1 trillion in 2008, just behind fuels, chemicals and automotive products as an export category. At stake is a product that today is worth $71 billion to Canadian businesses and some 750,000 direct jobs, but Canada's relative position in the world could continue to decline if it doesn't respond with a more forceful and coherent tourism strategy.

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Travel Industry About to Heat Up

Winnipeg Free Press, May 12, 2010

David Goldstein, president and CEO of the Tourism Industry Association of Canada, said Canada is losing its competitive edge. "Other sectors have done a better job articulating their benefits to the economy," he said. For instance, the $71-billion Canadian tourism industry is as big as fisheries, forestry and agriculture combined. And since the tourism industry depends so much on public sector infrastructure -- like national parks and transportation infrastructure to move tourists around -- public sector funding is required to make it work.

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Visitors have to be able get here for tourism to succeed, says official

The Telegraph-Journal, April 28, 2010

New head of national association lauds province's steps to improve roads, ports and airports to support industry plans. David Goldstein, the new president of the national private-sector tourism group, says New Brunswick is the "tourism success story" of the country. He said a continued emphasis on expanding and improving the roads, ports and airports in the province will augment a tourism model that he says should be adopted across Canada.

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