Simple Ways to Champion the Tourism Industry During Tourism Week in Canada

  1. Meet with your federal, provincial or municipal elected officials
    Request a meeting with your local elected officials to tell them first hand why travel is so important to the constituency. Update them on the how things like marketing investment, employment regulations, infrastructure or access to government-backed loans can help strengthen local businesses and stimulate economic development in your community and across the country. Go to to find out who your federally-elected representative is, and use these key messages.

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    Send correspondence to your federal, provincial or municipal elected officials
    Can’t find the time to meet with your MP in person? You can always send correspondence to your local elected officials.

  3. Invite your elected officials to join the local tourism industry workforce for a photo-op
    Invite your elected officials to meet with (or even work with) your front-line staff briefly for a photo-op. Whether it involves assisting guests or just visiting with front-line staff, you can help our elected officials get a better sense of why the industry is so vital to the fabric of this country. Hire an official photographer or encourage local media to cover the official visit. Be sure to send us a copy of your photo so we can tweet it out to the world.

  4. Organize or participate in a public event in your community
    Organize or participate in a public rally, breakfast/dinner, press conference, ad campaign launch or other special event featuring local attractions, tourism leaders, travel workers and industry supporters. In doing so, you’ll be joining thousands of tourism industry employees nationwide in showcasing our industry as an economic powerhouse that is responsible for one out of every ten jobs in Canada. Invite your local media, elected officials and the general public to show them directly what tourism means to our country and our communities.

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