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Your Industry Needs You

Tell Your MP You Support Increased CTC Funding
posted on November 21, 2012

We share your concern over the significant decrease in the Canadian Tourism Commission’s annual budget.  TIAC has been making the case that we need increased funding for our national tourism marketing activities.

Now, we need you to reach out to your Member of Parliament to help strengthen our case, and to put a local face on the importance of this issue.

By contributing a few moments of your time, you can help us make the case for increased funding more compelling. As elected officials hear this message more frequently, our chances of success increase - especially when it originates from those in their own communities.

Here's how you can help:

Affecting change requires a new, sustained approach with the involvement of tourism stakeholders from coast to coast.  As the tourism industry's front line representatives, you give a face to the story of how important our sector is in your community. Your voice will give urgency to the industry's call for a competitively-funded CTC.

Please take action today by reaching out to your elected official and sharing this important message with your colleagues.

Why Funding the CTC is More Important Than Ever Before

The CTC budget for 2013/14 is $57.8 million - a decrease of 41.5% in just a decade.

Yet, funding the CTC is more important than ever. Tourism continues to grow globally, but Canada's share continues to erode. We have slipped from 7th to 18th in the world for international visitors and we are one of only five countries to experience a drop in arrivals in the last 10 years. With less money to promote Canada in key markets, we will unquestionably struggle to take advantage of the growth in international travel.

What is TIAC doing about it?

TIAC continues to make the case in Ottawa for increased tourism marketing funds. This includes regular, constructive dialogue with key decision-makers, including senior representatives in the offices of the Prime Minister, the Finance Minister, and the office of the Minister of State (Small Business and Tourism).

Additionally, TIAC`s recent submission to the pre-budget consultation process to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance this month focused on the need for long-term, sustainable and increased tourism marketing funding. We also worked with our provincial and sectoral colleagues to help make a broad and profound national case for this funding through this budget process.

For more information, please contact Adrienne Foster, TIAC Manager, Research and Policy at [email protected] or (613) 238-6378.

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