About Canada's Tourism Industry

en_cover.jpgTourism is a dynamic and far-reaching sector whose economic impact helps to employ Canadians across the country, in every region. Ours is an industry of collaboration between businesses: The transportation services which deliver visitors to and through our vast country; the hotels and other accommodations who provide them with comfort and hospitality once they arrive; and the attractions, which create the experiences and memories which compel visitors to come to Canada and return often.

Globally, tourism is one of the world’s most remarkable growth industries, with the vast majority of destinations around the globe showing increased arrivals and tourism spending each year. There remains a tremendous economic opportunity for us if we choose to grasp it. We are a nation that is blessed with the basics, including some of the most spectacular geography and world-class cosmopolitan centres. And, perhaps most importantly, warm, friendly people who work diligently to welcome visitors as they would friends.

Learn more about the state of Canada's tourism industry through our special report, produced in conjunction with HLT Advisory.

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