About Tourism Week in Canada

Tourism Week in Canada is a national initiative that highlights the impact of travel and tourism in Canada and raises its profile with policymakers from coast to coast. 

Throughout the week, tourism organizations, businesses and other partners organize and engage in a wide variety of local and regional activities and events that showcase the economic impact and social benefits of Canada’s tourism sector for the media, the general public and all three levels of government.

It also provides a heightened opportunity to promote tourism products and services ahead of the summer season.

Tourism Week Objective #1: Making the Case for a Competitively Funded Canadian Tourism Commission

In particular, with the proposed cuts to the Canadian Tourism Commission’s funding announced in the federal budget, it has become increasingly urgent for tourism businesses and the people who are employed in the sector to make their voices heard.  TIAC strongly advocates for the need for a competitively-funded national tourism organization to help us drive international arrivals in Canada. To do this, we need our members and tourism businesses to speak out strongly to voice their support for the CTC.

TIAC has a series of online resources designed to help activate tourism champions, and to send the message to elected officials across the country of the importance of this sector to Canada’s economy, its standard of living, and the quality of life of all Canadians. These resources include advocacy materials, templates and sample letters to help you spread the word. We will also be introducing a one-click tool to help you identify your Member of Parliament and send your message that tourism matters to them.

Tourism Week in Canada provides an outstanding opportunity to showcase the impact of travel in Canada while raising its profile with policymakers from coast to coast. Last year, dozens of organizations helped TIAC stage the most successful Tourism Week in Canada ever.  We urge you to help us build on that momentum and serve as a tourism champion in your community.

Tourism Week Objective #2: Making Our Voice Heard

One challenge we face is that despite their economic footprint and significance, travel and tourism are often overlooked as drivers of economic growth and diversity.  Ours is one of the few industries that can drive economic growth in every region from coast to coast to coast and we need to spread the word that tourism means business, business means jobs, and jobs mean healthy and prosperous communities.

With your help, we can affirm:

  • That our industry is a key economic contributor, a major employer, and a vital source of government revenue; and
  • That smarter public policy in several key areas would help Canada’s tourism industry compete more equitably on the global stage, allowing us to garner a greater share of the lucrative international travel market.

For more information, please contact:

David Lauer, Manager, Communications
Tourism Industry Association of Canada
Phone: 613-238-9400

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