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Recapturing Canada’s competitiveness through
Connecting America

A new national marketing campaign to re-invigorate the US leisure travel market

As TIAC members and as tourism businesses across the country, you make vital contributions to the Canadian economy, creating jobs - over 610 000 across the country - and creating more than $88.5 billion in economic activity. TIAC is asking for your help to make the case to the federal government to co-invest with industry in a campaign to re-energize the US leisure travel market.

Travel and tourism continues to grow globally, but Canada is not attracting our fair share. We have slipped from 7th to 16th in the world for international visitors and are one of only five countries to experience a drop in arrivals in the last 10 years.

This change is due, in large part, to a significant drop in visitors from the United States, due to factors like currency exchange, new passport rules and long border wait times. As such, Canada has become over-reliant on the domestic travellers while missing out on the major growth potential in international travel and tourism.  Currently Canadians travelling within Canada make up over 80% of total receipts, up from 65% a decade ago. 

As you are aware, the CTC left the US market several years ago to focus marketing efforts on emerging countries. TIAC believes it’s high time to get back into the US.  As a result, TIAC is asking the government to support Connecting America; a public/private, Canadian Tourism Commission –driven, three-year campaign to reconnect with the US leisure market.  

TIAC speaks to MPs in Ottawa regularly on your behalf, and has consistently made the case that we need increased funding for our national tourism marketing activities. Now, we need your help to strengthen our case, and to personalize our argument.

As the tourism industry’s front line representatives, you give a face to the story of how important our sector is in your community, and the importance of increased US visitor volumes to your local economy. Your voice will give urgency to the industry’s call for a competitively-funded CTC.

As such, we’re asking you to contribute a few moments of your time to help us make the case for increased funding more compelling. As elected officials increasingly hear this message – especially from those in their own communities - our chances of success increase.


We need you to encourage your colleagues in the industry to join TIAC and get involved.

We encourage you to personalize your letter by adding in a greeting and adding your signature block.  You are also free to edit the text as you see fit.

Please cc Adrienne Foster - [email protected]

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On behalf of the industry, thank you in advance for your invaluable contribution.

For more information, please contact

Adrienne Foster
Director, Research and Policy
(613) 238-6378

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