What do the Political Parties Have to Say About Travel & Tourism?


Please follow the links below to the responses we have received so far from political parties in the upcoming election in regard to their party's stance on tourism in Canada. The questions TIAC distributed to all parties are listed further below.

Response to TIAC survey

Green Party of Canada

Liberal Party of Canada

New Democratic Party of Canada


Question 1: Marketing

Global tourism marketing is fiercely competitive and Canada’s national tourism marketer, Destination Canada (DC), has been successful in generating demand in the markets in which it operates. How will your party ensure that DC has the resources it needs to generate interest in Canada as a travel destination?

Question 2: Air Access

Air travel to and within Canada is considered to be very expensive and is frequently cited as a disincentive to booking travel to Canada. Under the current “user-pay plus” system, the entire operational and security costs of air travel are absorbed by the ticket-buying public through a series of taxes, fees and levies. What is your party’s plan to reduce the burden of fees, taxes and levies on air travel to and within Canada?

Question 3: Visitor Documentation

Despite some progress, Canada continues to struggle with a reputation as having a difficult and complicated visa application system. While ensuring the safety of Canadians, how will your party make it easier for legitimate travellers to visit Canada?

Question 4: Product

Canada is a popular “bucket-list” destination for many international travellers with little urgency to visit in the near future. This urgency can be increase through quality programming and experiences at festivals, events and attractions. How does your party propose to support existing attractions and encourage investment in new and innovative tourism products?

Question 5: People

Tourism relies on front-line staff to deliver quality service. Current Labour shortages are forcing reductions in business hours and service offerings. By 2030, labour shortages in tourism are expected to surpass a quarter million jobs costing the sector $31.4 B in forgone revenues. What is your Party’s plan to address the labour shortage in several key regions of Canada?

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