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Are you a small tourism business in BC looking for a way to stretch your investment dollars? 

If you have already looked into becoming a member of TIABC, then you are aware of the benefits your provincial tourism association can bring your business. In partnership with TIAC, TIABC would like to give you more for your investment by offering a two-year pilot program that provides a special affiliated TIAC membership when you become a new member of TIABC.

The pilot program is available to “small-sized” tourism businesses who belong to the Tourism Industry Association of British Columbia TIABC. The tourism business/organization must be a member of TIABC and meet the small-business category of TIABC and is not a current or expired TIAC Member.



What is the Plus TIAC Program?

TIAC believes that it is vitally important for travel and tourism businesses to be members of both their provincial and national industry associations. This connection helps the individual business compete and grow and also helps the association’s ability to convince governments to change the policies and regulations that hurt our industry.

Larger tourism associations mean that more Canadian tourism businesses are connected to vital information and our industry’s voice is stronger and more influential to demand government action.  

Plus TIAC is a membership incentive program focused on reaching small and medium sized tourism enterprises (SMEs) and connecting them to TIAC and their provincial industry associations through a 2-year introductory offer. 


Who can join Plus TIAC?

The program is only available to new members who have not previously been a TIAC member.

This new category would be only available to tourism businesses/companies who meet the criteria of the small-sized business category of TIABC.


I'm already a TIAC member, why can't I sign up for Plus TIAC?

You are already a TIAC member because you recognize the value of belonging to your National Tourism Industry Association. Plus TIAC is an introductory offer with the hope that those members will recognize the value and benefit TIAC offers; a concept you already understand. 

After the two year introductory period, Plus TIAC members will be converted to regular membership.

As an existing TIAC Member you also enjoy additional savings not available to Plus TIAC Members such as the booth savings at Rendez-vous Canada.


I'm a small business, why should I join a national business Association, isn't that just for big operators?

Increasing the number of international visitors to Canada is TIAC's top industry priority. International visitors on average stay longer and spend more than domestic travellers and the money they spend in Canada is export revenue, new money to the Canadian economy.

TIAC is focused on making it easier and more affordable for international visitors ‎to come to Canada and we are also focused on improving Canada's overall visitor experience. Small operators can benefit from gaining access to business intelligence, networking with industry leaders to improve their product offering and market readiness.


If I am already becoming a TIABC Member, why should I become a Plus TIAC?

Joining both organization offers you access to extended benefits as well as unified efforts from an Advocacy, Business Development and Connectivity prospective


TIAC and TIABC provide you a team of advocacy professionals on a Regional, Provincial and National Level who are addressing issues, promoting and supporting policies, programs and activities that benefit and grow your company, so you can concentrate on running your business.

Business Development

TIAC and TIABC are committed to developing and implementing programs and research initiatives that provide growth opportunities and leading edge market intelligence for their members.


TIAC and TIABC believe that our Regional, Provincial and National advocacy efforts are strengthened through industry engagement, networking and connectivity to ensure issues impacting growth are reviewed and addressed in a collaborative manner with all stakeholders.


Why are the two associations targeting small businesses?

Over 95% of Canada's 160,000 travel and tourism businesses are SMEs, ‎and the vast majority of these businesses do not belong to their provincial or national tourism industry associations.

It is our hope that these businesses will engage with industry, utilize the available information and implement what they have learned to increase their competitiveness and grow their business.


What benefits will I enjoy if become a Plus TIAC Member?

In addition to the benefits you receive as a TIABC member, Plus TIAC members also have access to the following:

  1. Access to a TIAC Members’ Only Portal including:
    1. Members’ Only discount codes
    2. Manage your profile, share photos, add secondary contacts and pay online or request an invoice;
  2. Advocacy support from TIAC’s Government Relations team in effective outreach to political figures and influencers;
  3. New Members highlighted in TIAC TALK and online;
  4. Opportunity to submit an article or information to the TIAC TALK e-Newsletter;
  5. Access to Members’ only sponsorship opportunities and exhibit space at the annual Tourism Congress;
  6. Use of the TIAC logo (certain restrictions apply);
  7. SAVE $200 on Tourism Congress delegate registration;
  8. SAVE $100 per category, per nomination of a Canadian Tourism Award;
  9. Access to a growing list of special savings through Supplier Partners including car and truck rental discounts, members’ rates on credit and debit transactions, health care coverage, exclusive conferencing rates, mobile consulting and much more.

Plus soon to be available: 

  1. Members’ only online forum to share opinions and comments on issues and news articles;
  2. Members’ only podcasts;
  3. Add your events to the event calendar;
  4. Participate in surveys and polls;
  5. Access to complete document downloads and 'Real-time' Reports;
  6. Access to TIAC Webinars.


And of course, TIAC provides you a team of advocacy professionals in Ottawa so you can concentrate on running your business.


What regular TIAC Benefits are NOT available to Plus TIAC Members?

Regular TIAC Members enjoy special booth savings at Rendez-vous Canada (RVC) including:

SAVE $400 on a half-booth;

SAVE $800 on a full-booth;

SAVE $1,600 on a double-booth;

SAVE $2,400 on a triple-booth; and,

SAVE $3,200 on a quad-booth.


Why is Plus TIAC only available to members of the Tourism Industry Association of British Columbia?

Before the program is offered to other tourism industry associations across Canada, TIAC will be accessing the success of the Plus TIAC program with members of TIABC. 

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