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This Tourism Week, TIAC is calling on decision-makers to address some of the barriers to our tourism growth. While the budget included important strategic investments in a number of key areas, such as international marketing, transportation, attractions and infrastructure, TIAC believes that fixing the challenges in two key areas will facilitate travel to Canada:

  1. Marketing: Canada’s international tourism marketing budget is inadequate to compete for market share. Successive budget reductions and currency exchange significantly diminish Canada’s ability to generate demand potential in key markets. 
  2. Access: Canada is the only country that imposes all security and operational-related costs of air travel directly onto travellers thereby inflating ticket prices by as much as 40%. So, while Canada has the best airport infrastructure in the world, the burden of taxes, fees and levies serves to dis-incent air travel to and within Canada. Despite some progress, Canadian travel visas continue to be difficult to obtain especially in key growth markets like China, Brazil, India and Mexico.

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