Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)

What Your Customers Need to Know


eTA Update - Leniency Period **

To ensure no travel disruptions, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will be implementing a public policy that will allow border services officers (BSOs) the discretion to admit travellers arriving in Canada without an eTA, provided they are not otherwise inadmissible. This policy will be in place from March 15,, until November 9,.

  •  To ensure a smooth transition to this new requirement, IRCC is allowing for a transition period (leniency period) to help travellers arriving in Canada unaware of the eTA requirement.

  •  During this period, BSOs will have the discretion to allow travellers without an eTA to enter the country provided they are not otherwise inadmissible.

  •  To raise awareness and encourage future compliance, BSOs will hand out information to travellers arriving without an eTA about the new entry requirement.

  •  The transition period, which will continue throughout the busy summer season, helps minimize any potential travel disruptions and aligns with feedback from the air industry, tourism and travel sectors. 

  • That said, travellers who are aware of the eTA requirement are expected to obtain an eTA before flying to or transiting through Canada. 

For more information on eTA requirements click here (bilingual document).


 What is it?

The eTA is a new entry requirement for air travellers from countries that currently DO NOT need a visa to visit Canada (excluding US citizens). As of August 1st, the eTA can be obtained online through a short questionnaire on the government’s website and electronically linked to your passport number.



When will it be implemented?

Voluntary Enrolment Period: August 1st, 2015 to March 14th,

eTAs Mandatory: November 9th,


Who does it affect?

Need an eTA?


Countries that currently DO NOT need a visa


This includes (but not limited to) tourism target markets such as most E.U. countries, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Japan

If these citizens are only transiting through a Canadian airport to a third international destination



US Citizens


US permanent residents DO need an eTA to fly to/through Canada

Countries that currently DO need a visa


Still need a visitor visa

If these citizens are only transiting through a Canadian airport to a third international destination


Still need a visitor visa, unless they are participants in the Transit without Visa or the China Transit Programs


How long will the eTA be valid?

The eTA will be valid for 5 years or until the passport expires.


How can my customers obtain their eTA?

Travellers will visit a government website and input the following basic information:

  • Name
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • City of birth
  • Marital status
  • Passport number
  • Passport issue/expiry dates
  • Country of issue for passport
  • Occupation, job title
  • Company/school name
  • Country of employment/school
  • Yes/no questions on: previous denials of entry, criminal record, and tuberculosis.
  • Indicate if you are filling the form out on behalf of another person

Customers will use a credit card to pay the $7 fee and have the confirmation emailed to them. Most confirmations will be emailed within 10 minutes.

ETAs can also be obtained via smartphone or tablet. This means that if a traveller has forgotten to obtain an eTA, they will be able to do so at the airport. However, it is strongly recommended that eTAs be obtained at least 72 hours before booking any travel.

PDF notes will be available in other languages guiding applicants as to the intent of each application step, however the application form itself is in French or English only.

For more information see www.canada.ca/eta


I’m a tour operator, can I fill in the eTA for my customers?

Yes, as long as you have all required information and indicate you are filling the form out as a representative when asked.

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