Session One 

Taste of Place in Destination Marketing 

Learn about leveraging a destination's "taste of place"!

  Tuesday, November 29,  

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David Adames, Senior Director of Business Development for the Niagara Parks Commission (NPC) Patrizia Dri, Director of Member Services, Partnerships and Relationship Marketing for Tourisme Montréal Ian MacDonald, President of Liquidity Wines Rebecca Mackenzie, Executive Director of the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance


Earlier this year, travel intelligence organization Skift Inc. announced that “food is now the leading hook in travel” due to its strength in connecting travellers with the local culture through the context of its regional food and drink. Every tourist has to eat, and an increasing number of tourists can be considered ‘food tourists’. As such, it is in a destination’s best interest to develop and market its culinary travel experiences in order to capitalize on this lucrative tourism trend.

In this session, Rebecca Mackenzie, Executive Director of the Culinary Tourism Alliance, moderates a panel discussion on the power of leveraging a destination’s “taste of place” to market food tourism experiences to visitors and ultimately drive growth in "in-destination" spending. 

Joining the panel are experts representing three leading food tourism destination organizations from across the country. David Adames, Senior Director of Business Development at the Niagara Parks Commission (NPC), will speak to driving experience development in a large not-for-profit operation, including receiving Feast On™ designation for all NPC food services. Tourism Montréal’s marketing expert, Patrizia Dri, will speak to the organization’s strategies for marketing the city’s “taste of place” experiences to visitors.

By the end of this session, attendees should have a clear understanding of the significant impact food tourists can have on in-destination spending, and how destinations can strategically develop and leverage their “taste of place” into marketable, profit-driving experiences.


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