Stan Cook Sr.

President, Stan Cook Sea Kayaking Adventures

stancook80x120.jpgStan Cook Sr. has been leading adventure tours in Newfoundland since 1970. His emphasis on hands on, enriching, highly interpretive outdoor adventures was a first for Newfoundland and Labrador. He has always stressed that his tours should provide the opportunity to learn, besides the valued added elements of the tours, the tens of thousands of guests who have experienced Stan while on an adventure can vouch that his unique personality provided much entertainment.

In 1970, he introduced canoeing adventures and nature-based tourism to a province that's up to that point, outdoor tourism product was fishing & hunting. While creating a new segment of the tourism sector in his home province was not part of the plan, his continued passion and energy brought sustainable tourism to Newfoundland and Labrador, ensuring that outdoor activities (i.e. canoeing , camping etc.) were included in the educational curriculum for high school students.

Mr. Cook helped create the guidelines and code of ethics for adventure travel in Newfoundland and Labrador. He participated in the first Canadian Recreation Canoe Association's (CRCA) instructor-certification workshop. He spent 12 years as Director of the Newfoundland & Labrador Camping Association and continues to be a frequent guest lecturer for adventure tourism across North America and has exposed countless people to the beauty of his home province.

Countless times over the years he pulled over to offer assistance to map-holding-bewildered-looking tourists in St. John's which inevitably led to his children making room in their vehicle for these tourists to hop aboard and recieve free, spur of the moment, guided historical trip around the city.

In 1994 he expanded the family business and Stan Cook Sea Kayaking Adventures was formed. Through this adventure, guests are exposed to marine life, local geology and provincial cultural history.With the support of his family, the company continues to grow, but every now and again, Stan finds some time to capture a disoriented tourist and provide a free guided tour!

Stan has had his company profiled in countless national and international media.


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